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boudoir photographers

Education, Accountability, and support to grow your business.

What is the blueprint?

The Six-Figure Boudoir Blueprint is a 6 month membership program crafted specifically for Boudoir photographers.

The Blueprint gives you unmatched accountability, support, and knowledge.

They teach

Growing your VIP Group as huge and fast as possible.

Running a constant series of Sales, Model Calls, Giveaways, and/or Contests to fill your calendar.

Only what’s in the Guide/Course and any 1-on-1 help to implement it costs hundreds of additional dollars.

Posting memes, affirmations, etc. 10+ times per day in your VIP Group to keep people active/engaged for when you finally post your sales.

Copy/pasting prices based on someone else’s strengths and goals.

Using a 3-part method of Session Fee, Pre-Payment, and Reveal Upsell to increase your average sale.

Workshops that last from a single day to a few weeks that only cover a single small aspect of your business.

Following a script for booking and product sales without teaching you any actual sales techniques.

Gatekeeping resources and knowledge in an effort to get you to purchase their materials when you ask for help.

We teach

Curating an intimate VIP Group with only your ideal Clients.

Creating an incredible Campaign that generates enough interest for you to selectively fill your calendar.

Building your six-figure business including Group and 1-on-1 Live Sessions multiple times per week.

Posting consistent, intentional content 1-3 times per day that offers value to your Members and guides them along their Client Journey.

Structuring pricing that aligns with your unique strengths and goals.

Our one-of-a-kind 7-part method to maximize your average sale and elevate your Client experience.

An inclusive 6-month membership program that teaches you every aspect of your business in-depth.

Crafting a Client Journey and marketing that aligns perfectly so that you don’t have to “sell” anyone.

Openly sharing detailed knowledge that helps you build the momentum to be able to join the Blueprint Membership.

Our Team

Shauna Kato

Boudoir Mentor

Mariah Walker

Virtual Assistant

Veronica Kramer

Marketing Specialist

Schedule a complimentary audit

Let's have a real heart-to-heart about the catch-22 you're in... You know, the one where you need money to invest in education, but you need the education to make money from your business so that you can invest in education...

Yeah, it sucks.

You're stuck in this situation, wanting to have a successful, profitable Boudoir business, but feeling held back by financial barriers. That's exactly WHY I offer my Audits for free.

They're like mini mentor sessions, focused on giving you practical, no-fluff advice that's tailored to your business. It's about intentional, impactful changes that can kickstart your progress right NOW so that you can break out of that cycle.

I don't promise overnight miracles- you're not going to build a six-figure business from a single chat with me, but what I've seen (and what dozens have shared in my Facebook group) is that in the short time I spend with people, they walk away with clarity, motivation, knowledge, and most importantly- 𝗵𝗼𝗽𝗲.

These small wins snowball into significant progress, but it's about taking that first step, however small it may seem.

Imagine breaking free of that cycle: Your business starts thriving, decisions feel clearer, and that weight on your shoulders? It's a little lighter because you've finally got the support and accountability that you've been missing.

If you truly want to make a change in your business, schedule an Audit, and let's find that next step toward your business dreams. No pressure, just genuine support and guidance. It's about finding your path at your pace. I'm here, rooting for you, ready to help you break that cycle.

At the end of your Audit, if you want to learn more about the Blueprint and if it's a good fit for you. then I'm happy to share, and if you join us, I'll definitely do a little happy dance, but it's not necessary or expected.

"In an hour long conversation she helped me make so much more sense of marketing than any of the trainings I have completed thus far.

Can’t wait to join the Blueprint course!"


~ Tara

I've been a photographer for 10+ years and I learned so much from Shauna in one call. She answered all of my initial questions and questions I didn't even know I needed an answer to.
Even though I was hesitant to do the call because I have been burned by mentors before, I'm so glad I took the leap because it's going to lead to more business and more financial freedom for myself and my family, BOOK THE CALLLL!"

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